Attorneys Dykes and Albarello Settle Truck Accident Case Pre-Lawsuit for Six Figure Settlement

Hayward Dykes, Jr. and Monica Albarello work together to help their client settle a semi-truck accident during pre-lawsuit negotiations for $225,000.00 in gross proceeds.

The accident occurred after the client was rear-ended by a semi-truck that was following too closely in a rural part of Florida. The violent collision resulted in the client receiving fractures, multiple bruising, and lacerations as a result of the accident.

Mr. Dykes and Mrs. Albarello were able to present a clear case of liability and damages to the trucking company which agreed to compensate the client for the damages caused without the need to file a lawsuit. This resulted in savings to the client since she was able to receive the settlement funds timely without the need for protracted litigation.

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