Have you been injured in a Motorcycle Accident and need an experienced Florida lawyer?

The reputation that motorcycles have for being dangerous is well deserved. There are many motorcycle riders that are injured or killed as a result of inattention, driver error and even mechanical failure. Contact the trial lawyers at Conerly Bowman to discuss your legal rights.

Government Report

Many motorcycle accidents are caused as a result of various factors such as speed, visibility, improper lookout and alcohol. The NHTSA has recently produced an industry report setting forth the following facts and statistics:

• In a one year period there were more than 4,000 motorcycle fatalities from accidents with motor vehicles, which comprise 9 percent of the total accidents in the United States.
• Motorcyclists account for only 2 percent of all registered vehicles.
• There were approximately 1,808 fatal single vehicle and 2,200 fatal multiple vehicle crashes with motorcycles within a one year period.
• The total amount of registered vehicles for the reporting year was 243,023,485 and of that, there were 5,780,870 registered motorcycles, less than half a percent of all the registered vehicles.
• There were more than 76,000 injured motorcyclists in a one year period.

The reports show that the dangers that motorcycle riders face are very real. Many riders are injured or killed because of accidents with other vehicles. Traffic conditions in highly populated areas contribute greatly to operator error. When factoring in such errors for riders that operate in these types of conditions, the possibility for accidents increases dramatically.

The motorcyclists of today face a much higher rate of danger while driving than just ten years ago. With accidents on the rise due to cell phone usage while driving, the trends in road rage increasing, and a national increase in traffic and congestion, motorcyclists have to take much more caution while riding in public today.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Fundamentally, motorcycle accidents usually come down to one common variable, the size of the motorcycle compared to other vehicles such as cars, trucks and SUVs. This leads to accidents involving lane changes into motorcycles, left hand turns in front of motorcycles, rear end collisions of motorcycles and other similar scenarios.

What is the difference between just any lawyer and an experienced Motorcycle Accident attorney?

Obviously, there are many accident attorneys in and around the Emerald Coast. Many of these attorneys feel competent to represent victims of motorcycle accidents but, are all attorneys the same? The simple answer is, No.

• Motorcycle Accident injuries are oftentimes more severe and more often than not involve head injuries like concussions and other “closed head” injuries. An experience motorcycle lawyer will be able to ask the right questions and consult with the proper medical professionals, such as Neurologists and Orthopedists, to determine the full extent of the injuries so that the case is not settled with all present and future medical expenses being accounted.

• Unfortunately, there are stereotypes about people who ride motorcycles being thrill seekers or “outlaws”. A quality motorcycle accident victim advocate knows how to refute these arguments and present your client in a positive light.

• The dynamics of a motorcycle accident case are often hard to recreate. A quality motorcycle lawyer will hire experts, if necessary, to reconstruct the accident and/or speak to the forces exerted on the human body of the motorcycle rider.

For a free legal consultation regarding any accident involving a motorcycle, scooter or ATV, in Northwest Florida, contact us today to speak with an experienced trial lawyer prepared to achieve the serious results that you deserve. Personal Injury clients may also contact the 24/7 law firm service at (850) 837-LAWS (5297).

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