Whether you say Big Rig, Semi, 18-Wheeler, or Tractor Trailer, trucking accidents on Florida roadways can be deadly. Commercial trucking is certainly a necessary part of getting products to where they are needed in Florida and the rest of the country. Unfortunately, with the increase of trucks on the road, the number of accidents inevitably increases as well. Due to the sheer tonnage of these trucks, what might have been just a minor fender bender between two cars can be deadly when a commercial truck is involved. Because commercial 18-wheeler trucks are so much bigger and heavier than other vehicles, it’s no wonder that about 85% of those killed in collisions with trucks are drivers or passengers of the smaller vehicles. Often times the driver of the tractor trailer only suffers minor injuries, if any. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a Florida trucking accident, the trial lawyers at Conerly Bowman can help. Contact us today for a free legal consultation. Personal Injury clients may also contact the 24/7 law firm service at (850) 837-LAWS (5297)

About Commercial Trucking Accidents in Florida

In our society we depend on the trucking industry to transport automobiles, lumber, produce and other foods, fuel and a variety of commercial goods all over the country. However, we also depend on truck drivers to maintain their rigs, ensure that loads are secure and, of course, to drive safely. We depend on trucking companies to properly train their drivers and supervise their conduct to competently carry out those duties with the best training available. When they don’t, the results can be catastrophic. When a mistake is made or a driver loses control of his truck, life-changing injuries or even death is often the result. That is why the trial lawyers at Conerly Bowman are dedicated to helping the victims of such accidents and holding commercial trucking companies accountable. We take a client-oriented compassionate approach to get compensation in cases involving serious injuries or the loss of a loved one due to a collision with an 18-Wheeler.

Investigating the Commercial Truck Accident

When a Florida motorist or passenger is injured due to an accident with a large commercial truck, it’s very important to find out what happened quickly. Our trial lawyers will work with investigators and accident re-constructionists to determine the cause of the accident. Accidents involving big rigs often involve some of the following factors:

• Truck driver fatigue – driving beyond the maximum number of hours set by federal trucking safety regulations;
• Inexperienced driving of an 18 wheeler due to inadequate training by the employer trucking company;
• Aggressive or reckless driving such as tailgating, speeding or failing to yield;
• Driving while impaired, either by alcohol or other intoxicants;
• Negligent hiring by the truck company such as hiring someone with a proven unsafe driving history;
• Unsecured loads, improper maintenance, and failure to properly inspect loads and equipment;

You can find out more information about the commercial trucking industry and the governing rules and regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at

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Our clients know they can count on Conerly Bowman to help them get compensation for medical expenses, lost income or wages, pain and suffering, as well as all other damages caused by an accident due to another’s negligence. Sometimes victims of trucking accidents have to completely change their lives because of the devastating consequences of a negligent truck driver, but the law provides for protection of victims in such situations.

Contact us today for a free legal consultation to discuss your legal rights. Personal Injury clients may also contact the 24/7 law firm service at (850) 837-LAWS (5297). You will speak directly to one of our trial lawyers.

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