A criminal assault that causes severe physical and emotional injuries can happen anywhere abd to anyone.

As the victim of a crime, you have a causeof action against those responsible for the harm you suffered. In addition to the perpetrator, this includes the property owner who failed to provide adequate security in the building, parking lot, stairwell, hotel hallway or other location where the crime occurred.

At Conerly, Bowman & Dykes we represent people who have suffered injuries from physical assaults and other criminal acts. In every case we handle we seek full compensation and justice for our client.

Contact us for a free legal consultation about a violent crime injury case. Personal Injury clients may also contact the 24/7 law firm service at (850) 837-LAWS (5297)

Experienced Advocates for Crime Victims

Conerly, Bowman & Dykes has a great deal of experience in civil cases involving injuries suffered in assaults, muggings, robberies and other crimes. We are strong advocates who use the legal system to obtain compensation and justice for our clients.

Our attorneys will carefully investigate all aspects of your case, including the property owner’s negligent security practices that contributed to the crime. We will pay particular attention to your financial losses and emotional suffering in order to help you achieve the serious results you deserve.

Conerly, Bowman & Dykes will work to build a strong and persuasive case designed to maximize the compensation you receive.

We Will Work Hand-in-Hand With the Prosecutor

While the criminal case is a separate legal action, it is important to follow the progress of the criminal prosecution closely as that will affect the civil trial in many ways. Our attorneys work closely with the prosecutor to understand the event and the nature of the evidence.

You will very likely be called to testify in the criminal trial. We would also encourage you to provide testimony during the penalty phase of the proceeding. This will be your opportunity to confront the perpetrator and go on record to discuss the physical and emotional effects the crime has had on your life. This testimony can be of great use in the civil case.

Conerly, Bowman & Dykes will represent you with determination at all stages of the legal process. We want to help you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Contact One of Our Trial Lawyers Today!

For a free legal consultation with one of our trial lawyers about a violent crime injury case, contact us today. Personal Injury clients may also contact the 24/7 law firm service at (850) 837-LAWS (5297)

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